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Satellite nations were like ALLIES to the communist Superpowers.

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Q: How did satellite nations contribute to the cold war?
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When was satellite nations discovered?

Countries that were under the Soviets control during the Cold War.

How did Soviet soldiers treated the Berliners during the cold war?

It is highly probable that most satellite nations were treated as second class citizens.

Iron curtain and cold war with Hungary and Poland?

Hungary and Poland were members of an alliance that was officially known as the Warsaw Pact. They were satellite nations of the USSR. This lasted from 1945 to 1989.

Which nations were divided during the cold war?

durin the cold war the three nations that got divided were Korea,Vietnam and,Germany

What is the name for nations that were controlled by the Soviet Union?

Satellite NationsThey were known collectively as "The Soviet Bloc"

What was the role of the United Nations in the cold war and post cold war?

The role of United Nations was to mediate in disputes and promote international co-operation.

What is an exploration satellite?

No, it was used to track missiles during the cold war.

How did the cold war contribute to jiangs survival?


Was the Vietnam war a majority rule?

The Vietnam War was part of the cold war. The cold war was between governments (Nations/Countries).

Was Hungary part of the nonaligned nations in the cold war?


Can somebody please name the soviet union's satellite nations during the cold war?

U.S.S.R. satellites during 1945-1989 include East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

What 2 nations was the cold war between?

The Soviet Union and The U.S. and other nations