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The Vietnam War and the 1960's did create some classic music; which is directly influencing today's 21st century TV commercials. The "REMAKE" OF THE 90's WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL, 60's music for the NEW 60's Ford Mustang, and music (songs) from the Mama's and the Papa's, Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco...Flowers in her hair...". It is extremely difficult to hear any music on TV or on the car radio that isn't a 60's REMAKE piece of music. The music people of the 60's (Hippies, etc.) all had a cause (End the War, End the Draft, etc.) and this influenced their music. Those singing groups made good music, GI's, for the most part enjoyed it, there were almost always messeges in the songs; Creedence Clearwater Rivival (CCR) "...Run through the jungle...there's the land we smoke!", Crosby Stills and Nash, "...Four dead in Ohio, Tin Soldier's and Nixon's bombing...", Sonny and Cher, "...How many times must a cannon ball fly...", Steppin Wolf, " all of yours guns and watch them explode into flame...", Country Joe and the Fish, "...I don't give stop is Vietnam...", the Beetles, the Doors, the Who, Buffalo Springfield, Cream, Santana, Gentle Giant, Mechanical World, Electric Strawberry, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Carley Simon, Simon & Simon, Johnny Rivers, we listened to them all. "They" had something to sing about...they had a cause! They had something to sing about...a cause!

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Most music personnel mentioned elements of Vietnam in their songs: Country Joe and the Fish, "...I don't give stop is Vietnam...", or "Flowers in her hair...San Franciso..." by Scott McKennzie, or "How many times must a cannon ball fly...", or "run through the jungle...there's the land we smoke!" by CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival), "Sky Pilot...", Steppin Wolf, "...Fire all of your guns...and watch them explode into flame!" or Crosby Stills and Nash, "Tin soldiers and Nixon's bombing...Four dead in Ohio..."Songs of protest, but they sounded pretty good. They must've, the 21st century people keep making REMAKE's of the them!

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Q: How did some Singers React to the Vietnam War?
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