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There are probably many answers to this but one is that some wealthy parents had political connections that may have helped get their children out of the draft.

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Q: How did some rich kids get out of the Vietnam War draft?
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Some Americans who protested the Vietnam war did so by burning there?

draft cards

Why did some men get drafted into the Vietnam war?

Because they were running a draft lottery in that was. No volunteer army then.

What happen to the kid in the war of Vietnam?

Well some kids were killed, some kids were tortured, some kids were soldiers, some kids were ok, some kids were hippies, some kids were students, some kids were cool, and some kids were not. Your question is too vague, but there is my answer.

Are columbian kids coats made in Vietnam?

Some but not all

When did Vietnam kids get deformed?

Some theories are Agent Orange.

Which statement about the draft during the Vietnam war is true?

College students could avoid the draft - Apex

What were some of the effects of the Vietnam War in the US?

Riots on college campuses; burning American flags; burning draft cards; and heading for Canada.

Why was Muhammad Ali stripped of his world heavy weight boxing title in 1967?

He refused the US draft in the Vietnam conflict.

Are kids wealthier than adults?

Some kids are but others are actually making their parents go broke...... But others drop out of school and leave their parents and put themselves in hoorifying poverty issues and that way they are broke and there parents are rich....but in some cases parents are rich and just give their kids money

Describe some of the most important effects of Vietnam war on US and its people?

Returning casualties affected thousands (families and friends); the military draft affected millions.

Where college students always exempted from the Vietnam draft?

No, college students were not automatically exempted from the Vietnam draft. Initially, they were deferred from the draft while enrolled in college, but this changed in 1969 when the deferment policy ended and all men, including college students, became eligible for the draft. However, some college students were able to receive deferments based on certain circumstances, such as enrolling in specific programs or maintaining a certain GPA.

Were American Mormons drafted in the Vietnam war?

Yes. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) were not exempt from the draft and many served in the Vietnam War. Some young Mormon men were allowed temporary deferments so that they could serve as missionaries, but once their two year mission service was over, they were again entered into the draft.