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bigger armys so more terriotory

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Q: How did the Empire Building lead to World War 1?
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American empire building influence the us entrance into world war 1?

To what end? The US gained no territories as a result of the First World War.

Who lead the Turkish empire to westernize after the ottoman empire collapsed in World War 2?

There are a couple errors with the question. The Turkish Republic (not empire) westernized after the Ottoman Empire collapsed in World War I (not II). The individual, though, that you are looking for is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

What was japans goal in world war 2?

To conquer occupy and annex as much territory as they could. Building an Empire.

Why did the death of Archduke Francis Ferdinand lead to World War I?

his assasination lead to austro-hungarian empire declaring war on serbia. the allied powers stood with serbia in the war and the central powers (germany) austro-hungary. causing world war 1.

How did the World War 1 lead to World War 2?

Hitler believed they could win the war. so that is when he took control. he was confident and was building his army up and taking territory. when he invaded Poland Britain declared war

How did serbian independence lead to World War 1?

When Serbia gained independence, it started on a quest to create a Slavic empire, which brought them into conflict with the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire. And that was the conflict that caused the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which in turn caused World War I.

What is the official name of the Turkish empire before world war 1 World War 1?

Ottoman Empire

In World War 1 who was America in war with?

The German Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

How large was Italy's empire after World War 2?

Italy lost all of its empire colonies in World War II.

What empire did not exist after World War 1?

The Ottoman Empire

What was the last major empire in the world to disintegrate?

ottoman empire. world war 2.

How did policy of brinkmanship lead to the cold war?

they wanted to rebuild the empire during the cold war.