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The Government sent barrage balloons into the air. The large barrage balloons were strong enough to destroy any aircraft hitting into it. They also sent Anderson and Morrision shelters to residents of Britain so they could shelter there when the Blitz began.

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Q: How did the Government try to protect cities from being bombed in the blitz?
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Did West Coast American cities create blackouts to prevent being bombed by Japan?


Why did the evacuees get evacuated o the countryside?

Because the cities were being bombed by the Germans and so they were not safe there

Where they evacuated too?

If you are asking where children from the cities being bombed or likely to be bombed in WWII were evacuated to, then the answer is the countryside. We had a few cockney evacuees in my village. We treated them like aliens from Mars. no loser

What british city was being attacked in the world war 2?

All of Britain's cities were bombed during World War II

Why did Berlin have to turn their lights out in the holocaust?

Most cities imposed blackouts during WW2 to avoid being bombed by planes above.

Where did pregnant women get evacuated to in World War II?

The countryside, as this was thought safe than being in cities which were easily bombed and attacked.

Why did Hitler invade British cities?

As far as I know, he DIDN'T. Germany BOMBED Britain. Because Britain was Germany's enemy. Neither Hitler (personally) nor Germany invaded Britain. London was heavily bombed, Coventry was bombed, other cities were bombed, but the country was not invaded. The British Channel Islands, however, were invaded. The islands (Guernsey, Jersey) were occupied by Germany, being closer to France than to England.

Why were children exacuated World War 2?

Children were evacuated because cities were being bombed. In the countryside it was a lot safer, so the children were sent there to stop them being killed in bomb blasts.

Is Mexico being bombed?


Is it scary being bombed?


What was operation pied piper?

save meeeeeeeeeee helpppppppppp It was basically the evacuation of British cities at the start of the second World War.

Why were children moved out of the cities during World War 2?

Children were moved out of the cities during World War 2 as a precautionary measure to protect them from the dangers of bombing raids and other wartime hazards. The bombing campaigns targeted major cities, and it was believed that the countryside offered a safer environment for children to live in during the war. This evacuation effort was known as "Operation Pied Piper" in Britain.