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the Holocaust affected Jews by killing 6 million of them and severely hurting there population

the holocaust affected Christians by killing nearly 200,000 of them

it also affected gay people gypsies and disabled people

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Christians were not a target. The Holocaust effected European Christians in multiple manners.

Christian anti-Semitism played a huge part in the Holocaust. Christians, such as Martin Luther, thought they were doing the right thing by turning in and murdering Jews.

Other Christians ignored it, and thought staying neutral was best. When really, neutrality and silence helped the Nazis.

Still others, such as Irene Gut Opdyke, Corrie ten Boom, and Irena Sendler, although the minority, risked everything to help protect Jewish people.

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arguably it caused the death of six million of them.

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Q: How did the Holocaust affect Christians?
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The Holocaust was not a place to visit. The Holocaust was perpetrated by Christians against Jews. There were also, of course some Christian victims.

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Many Christians tried to help Jews escape the Nazis during the Holocaust. Often risking their own lives in the event of doing so.