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It impacted society and people differently. At the link below is a haunting reflection, expressed through art, of a family's loss in the Holocaust. It's a quilt.

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The holocaust affected the world today by eliminating many peoples families. Also, it shows just how hateful the world can be for no reason other than what you look like.

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It caused the Jews population to dramatically decrease. It also created fear among people that would last for years.

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Q: How did the Holocaust affect the world today?
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They made us think about how the world can be so discriminating.

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There is remembrance of the Holocaust but there is no 'Holocaust movement'. That expression makes it sound like a political campaign.

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its smell bad

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some of the stuff they did to people in 1930's still happens today.

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WWII caused the Holocaust.

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Hitler didn't just affect the Holocaust, he was the Holocaust.

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