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The Japanese hoped to catch the European colonial powers by surprise by attacking Dutch and British colonies located in Southeast Asia. They also planned to attack U.S. outposts in the Pacific.

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despite oil shortage if japn conquere European it could also threaten the American controll Philippine island and Guam

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Q: How did the Japanese plan to catch the European colonial powers and the US by surprise?
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Nova net What is one result of World War 2?

Colonial peoples renewed their drive for independence from European powers.

Why was d-day important in World War 2?

Allied Powers only did it to surprise the western part of Europe, and the Axis Powers.

The US entered World War 2 because?

The United States entered World War II on December 8, 1941, after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This action was in direct response to Japan's attack on American soil and the American people's desire to join the Allied Powers in their fight against the Axis Powers. The United States had been supplying the Allied Powers with resources, such as money and weapons, since the start of the war, but the attack on Pearl Harbor was an act of aggression that pushed the United States to officially enter the war.

Was there wars in the 1700's?

Yes, their were many wars in the 1700s. Most wars in the 1700s were fought over power/control over a colony by the European Colonial powers. Other wars were fought for other reasons, i.e. The American Revolution was fought to gain American independence, and etc...

One reason for the tension between the European powers was their intense pride in their homelands called?


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Hoe did the japanese plan to catch the european powers and the united states by surprise?

The Japan's Pacific Campaign hoped to catch the European powers and the United States by surprise.

Is it fair to blame the European colonial powers for the violence in Africa after they withdrew?

Africa experienced violence before, during and after European colonial powers ruled. So, no.

What countries would be considered European colonial powers?

Britain, Holland, France, Belgium and Germany are all examples of colonial powers.

When did most African countries gain their independence from European colonial powers?

after WWII

Which European powers was not a colonial power?

Of the most powerful nations in Europe today, Germany did not have any colonial possessions in Southeast Asia

Which European countries quickly expanded their claims in Africa?

to establish the boundaries between colonial powers.

What was the Berlin conferences of 1884?

The Berlin Conference was a meeting of European colonial powers (chiefly Britain, France, and Germany) to negotiate the division of colonial territories within the Congo and Niger regions of Africa.

What U.S. action influenced the Japanese decision to attack the US in 1941?

primarily the prospect of an oil embargo and the US refusal to permit Japan to expand into SE Asia after the defeat of European colonial powers by Germany in 1940.

Which imperialist nations spread Christianity?

They were the European colonial powers: Spain, Portugal, Birtain, France, Germany and Belgium.

What are 3 European colonial powers of Africa?

The English, the French, and the Dutch, although none of Africa is currently colonized.

What was one result of the end of world War ii?

Colonial people renewed their drive for independence from European powers

Why were many southeast Asians disappointed when the Japanese invaded the region in world war-ii?

They were disappointed because Japanese rule proved to be as harsh as that of the former colonial powers.