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Midwest began to specialize in manufacturing cotton

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Q: How did the Midwest region change after the civil war?
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What did people in the south do for living during the civil war?

At the time of the Civil War, the majority of people in the south (and the midwest) were farmers.

Who opposed the civil war?

There was both northern as well as southern opposition to the Civil War. The Copperheads, who were southern sympathizers in the Midwest, as well as Irish Catholics in New York were the principal northerners who were in opposition to the war.

How did slavery change history?

it caused the civil war it caused the civil war

What was the primary location of the Civil War?

Most of the Civil War was fought in Southern England, the Midlands, and the Scottish Border region.

What region had the most slaves during the civil war?


What did the civil war change?

No slavery.

By 1860 the Midwest and the east were united by the network of?

By 1860 the Midwest and the West were united by a network of telegraph wires. The network of telegraph wires played a big role in the Civil War.

Before the civil war most factories and mills were located in what region?

Most factories were located in the North East before the Civil War.

What was the best region for agriculture before the Civil War?


After the Civil War which ended in 1865 Chicago grew to become the largest city in the Midwest because?

Following the Civil War, many former slaves migrated north. This led to Chicago, Detroit and other cities to grow.

Did repepating rifles change the Civil War?


How did the civil war change the landownership?