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The US Civil War had many different starts to it. One of these leading factors dates back to 1801 when Thomas Jefferson signed a tariff on all imported goods to equal the price of the same product in America.This was known as the Embargo Act. Slavery was not a huge factor of the Civil War's outbreak. Abolistionist were actually rare in the northern states. Abraham Lincoln supported slavery and only got rid of it in the south with the Emancipation Proclamation. That was no more than a tactical manuever. Also, the Civil War started because Lincoln was already going to invade the southern states to keep them secure, he knew they were getting angry with the government. Robert E. Lee said once that he did not understand a president who would raise and army to invade his own country. The south wished to be left alone. Also, southern states wanted to form some sort of government to increase independence. That's why Lincoln invaded.

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Many things lead up to the Civil War...

1. Missouri Compromise-Law that basically stopped the spread of slavery into any new states to the Union.

2. Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854-Law that made pro-slavery and anti-slavery men go into Kansas and Nebraska, viciously killing one another so that the way they voted would affect whether it would be slave or free state.

3. State Rights-The Southern states felt that there should be no large ruling over slavery: The states should be allowed to do as they feel.

4. Underground Railroad-Northerners helped fugitive slaves make their way to freedom, angering the south.

5. Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin-This book angered both sides of the country: The North saw the evils of slavery, and the South was exposed.

6. Secession-Making it widely known that the Southern States would defend slavery with their lives, they seceded from the Union. The main reason starting the Civil War is the slavery issue in the Souther states. In order to free the slaves in the Confederate States, President Abraham Lincoln declared the war.

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The way the American civil war started was that the "Confederate States of America" Attacked Fort Sumpter

on April12,1861.

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Q: How did the US Civil War happen?
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