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According to legend, the marathon springs from an account of a Greek soldier who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens, which is about 25 miles and some change, to inform the Senate that the Battle of Marathon had been won. The legend states that the soldier ran the entire difficult, mountainous route nonstop, declared "We are victorious", collapsed and died.

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The battle got its name from the Plain of Marathon where the Persian fleet under Mardonius intended to land. They were met by an Athenian army under Miltiades reinforced by other Greeks, namely the Plataens. The Persians were driven into the sea. They sailed down the coastline to Athens, only to find Miltiades and his army waiting for them again - all 9,000 warriors had run back to the city over the mountains. The Persians sailed home, thus ending the First Persian War.

A legend that Pheidippides died after running the 26 miles to announce the victory to Athens is fanciful - he was already dead, having killed himself running 150 miles to summon Spartan assistance. Today's marathon race is named after the run of the 9,000 following the Battle of Marathon, which took its name from the Plain of Marathon.

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In the 5th century B.C., the Persians invaded Greece. The Battle of Marathon was the final battle that forced the Persians back out of Greece. Legend says that afterwards a man ran the 26.3 miles to Athens to declare victory and dropped dead.

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Q: How did the battle of Marathon get its name?
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