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they were evacuated by train

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Q: How did the children get evacuated in September 1939 to protect them from air raids in World War II?
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When did city children get evacuated from cities to the countryside?

the first ities were evacuated on Friday the 1st of September 1939

How were children evacuated in world 2?

they were evacuated on trains

Why were children evacuated in World War 2 again?

Most children were evacuated to the countryside via Train.

Was it right for children to be evacuated in World War 2?

Yes, it was right for children to be evacuated for their own saftey.

Where were children evacuated in WW1?

In England during World War I and World War II, children were evacuated to the country. They were moved out of the cities for their safety.

Where were children evacuated to in World War 2?

to the country sidethey were evacuated to the countryside

Why was there evacuation in World War 2?

There were evacuations in world war two to protect the children. The children would be evacuated to the country side as the Germans didnt bomb them as much as they did in the larger cities, town, villages etc.

How were the children in world war 2 evacuated?


How were children evacuated?

Children in the second world war were evacuated to the countryside if they lived in cities or large towns to protect them from bombing. They met at their school first then their teacher took them off to the train station. Their Teachers stayed with them while they were in the country side to ensure they were still having an education.

How did children get evacuated in World War 2?

Mostly by train.

How did the evacuated children in World War 2 travel?

they poo

World War 1 when were children first evacuated?