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Many of them didn't. Those who did, went into hiding (like Anne Frank - but sadly she was found and later sent to a concentration camp and murdered). Any of the children who hid in the concentration camps were likely found due to the limited hiding places.

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Children were especially vulnerable in the era of the Holocaust. The Nazis advocated killing children of "unwanted" or "dangerous" groups in accordance with their ideological views, either as part of the "racial struggle" or as a measure of preventative security. The Germans and their collaborators killed children both for these ideological reasons and in retaliation for real or alleged partisan attacks.

They might have survived by hiding the children underground were they were safe until the war ended.

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Some children in the United Kingdom were sent to live in Canada during World War II. Other children in war zones were sent away from the fighting or hid as best they could.

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mainly it depended on luck, luck to escape, to be hidden or pass as an aryan.

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Q: How did the children survive in World War 2?
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