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women and children were left alone

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Q: How did the civil war affect the women and children?
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How did the civil war affect the rights of women?

they all died...

What were jobs women did during the civil war?

Women during the civil war could not have any jobs unless they were slaves and/or being in the house taking care of their children.

How did women live during the civil war era?

Women during the Civil War era were typical housewives. These women would take care of children and tend to their husbands chores when he was away.

What did women do at home during the Civil war?

the women made gifts for the men and cared for their children (if they had any)

What kinds of jobs did the women have during the civil war?

Women in the civil war sometimes dressed as men to fight in the war. They also stayed home. Since the men were fighting in the war, the women also had to do their jobs too. This included making the bread, cooking, cleaning, watching the children and working in the fields. The children also helped.

What was role of women at the Civil War?

16,000 people were women that were fighting in the civil war

How did the civil war affect social welfare for women?

well the wekfare woman was not aloud to work. x

How did the war affect women and children in the USA and abroad?

it affected them because it destroyed their homes and what they owned

How did Louisa May Alcott affect American history?

By being the first women writer during the civil war.

How did women's participation in the Civil War differ from their roles in the Revolutionary War?

In the Civil War, the women were nurses. In the Revolutionary War, they didn't do anything.

Did the outcome of the civil war affect the us outcom?

It was the beginning of the Civil War.

What duties did women have before the civil war?

Women typically were home makers before and after the American Civil War.

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