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Many people lived their lives in a carefree didn't give a darn attitude; because they believed the world was going to "go up in smoke" (nuclear war) at any time. ---------

The above is 100% incorrect. Actually, people were so terrified of possible nuclear war that there was a significant rise in Evangelism. People lived in an anxious state of mind filled with paranoia regarding war with the Soviets. Hence, all of the "duck and cover" drills in schools in case a warhead was dropped, all of the bomb shelters being constructed, etc. Also, there was widespread fear about Communist agents inside the U.S. spying part due to real events but mostly due to scare tactics from people like Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

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Earth was a divided house. One side believed in Society First (Communists); the other side believed in Individual's First (Freedom).

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Q: How did the cold war affect the culture of the US?
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