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At the battle of Trenton the commander said, "Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes."

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Q: How did the fact that the commander at Trenton WAS German help Washington?
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Is commander an adverb?

No, the word commander is not an adverb.The word commander is in fact a noun.

Did Germany have a strong military before ww1?

Yes, Germany was the strongest European country before the war and after. In fact, it remains the strongest European nation to date. This is mainly due to the German economy, and not so much the German army. However, prior to and during World War I, the German army was considered the most powerful and the German navy was considered equal to the British.

What difficulties did the patroits face at the Valley Forge?

The story we know about valley forge is more legend than fact. We have been told the men were cold, hungry and shoeless. Not true.The park service reports that they had plenty of food, were in warm huts, and they did have shoes. The conditions were so good that Mrs. Washington and other officer wives stayed there with their husbands. One reason that we have been told about bad conditions is because when Washington wrote to Congress he stated that things were not very good. He did this because if he reported they were warm and well fed that Congress would cut funding, so he "spun" the facts. Washington was a very smart commander and politician and understood his position was always one where Congress could be difficult to deal with.

Did Sword and Juno beaches receive resistance on D-Day?

They both had heavy German defences. These were beaten by the fact that both beaches got tanks on the beach early.

In the allied victory over Germany by 1918 how important was the collapse of the Germany home front?

The German home front did not collapse in 1918. In fact the German home front did not know or understand how or why Germany lost the war and signing a peace armistice. The German population thought that they were winning the war. They did not know that their two allies: Austria-Hungary & Turkey were on the verge of defeat. They did not know that the German army had just recently been defeated and was retreating in France.

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A fact about the battle of Trenton?

Washington attacked on the night of Christmas. He didn't really attack the Britians but instead attacked German hessians. The war was supposedly "called off" for the winter, and therefore the attack was unexpected.

Where is George Washington going in the painting Washington crosses the Delaware?

For a FACT, they were going to Trenton, New Jersey to attack men of the British under command of Johann Rall.

What colony was the battle of Trenton In?

Well obviously Trenton is the capitol of New Jersey so your answer is in-fact New Jersey.

Is commander an adverb?

No, the word commander is not an adverb.The word commander is in fact a noun.

Why were the Battles of Trenton and Princeton so important for Washington?

i think in this war the army took british resorses (bad speller...) also un fact most of the scars to Princeton univerisity are still there

If my mother was still a German citizen when I was born in Ft Lewis Washington to a US father can I apply for German citizenship and have dual US German citizenship?

Yes, you can apply for German citizenship and be a dual citizen regardless of the fact if your mother was still a German citizen or not.

What are 70 fact about the American Revolution?

2 of the 70 facts on the American Revolution are: 1. George Washington was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. 2. Began in 1763

A fact on Trenton New Jersey?

State capital and home of Bayer Aspirin.

Where did the battle of Trenton took place?

it occurred in new jersey and it makes sense because the capital of new jersey in Trenton

What role is Executive office of the president?

the president in fact has 7 roles.e.g. commander in chief is one

Why was Martha Washington so important except the fact she was George Washington's wifeept the fact that she was George Washington's wife?

Martha Washington was important because she was the first lady

What is one fact about Washington DC?

Washington DC was named by george washington.