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first answer: taxes

second improved answer: Governments can also borrow money to pay for wars & other things. If a government issues debt (example war bonds), then it will normally try to pay back its debt by using taxes & other government revenues to fund the interest & principal payments.

Your question is vague as to which government & which war effort. Some governments (such as Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Imperial Japan) also pay for war by stealing, confiscating, looting, creating slave labor, etc.

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Raising taxes and issuing war bonds were two primary ways the United States financed the country's involvement in World War 2. The government also engaged in deficit spending.

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The government sold war bonds to help finance the war.

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Taxes, borrowing money, bonds

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Selling War Bonds and stamps.

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Q: How did the government pay for the war effort?
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How did the government pay for this war effort?


How did government mobilize the economy for the war effort World War 1?

Congress passed the War Revenue Act of 1917. The Government borrowed money to pay for the war.

What new revenue measure was adopted by the Federal Government to pay for the northern war effort?

The Revenue Act of 1861 was introduced in order for the national government to fund the Northern war effort. It was America's first income tax.

What was the main action the federal government took to help pay for the war effort during World War 2?

rationed supplies

The fiance the war effort the Us government relied primarily on?

To finance the war effort, the U.S. government relied primarily on sale of "Liberty Bonds." Answer

What new measure did the US government use to pay for the US Civil War?

The measure that the government used to pay for the US Civil War was by putting a progressive income tax into law. The income tax was to take out a certain amount of and individuals income yearly.

Why was the whiskey tax supported by the federalists?

he viewed the tax on whiskey as a source of revenue.

Why did the Us government sell war bonds during the war?

When people bought war bonds, they loaned the government money to help the war effort.

Why did the government want people to eat less food during World War 2?

To save resources for the war effort.

What did the us government implement for the first time to help pay for the war?

The government stole the surplus funds from the social security fund and placed them into the general fund to be used for the war effort to the present day and haven't replaced any of those payments.

What best describes how the federal goverment financed the war effort?

In average wars; Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, the USA government financed it with taxes. In Big wars like WWI and WWII; war bonds were sold to help pay for the cost of fighting the war.

Advertising for liberty bonds during world war 1 encouraged citizens to?

Loan money to the government for the war effort