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The soldiers of the civil war would stand in rows and while the first row was loading the second row would shoot. While the second row was loading the 1st row would shoot. Then when some one in the 1st row got shot the person behind him would step up and be in the 1st row. If this is wrong plz corect me.

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Q: How did the soldiers fight battles in the civil war?
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What civil war battles did the buffalo soldiers fight in?

None. The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments were not formed until after the Civil War ended. However, they did fight against the Plains Indians who gave them the name Buffalo Soldiers, and they fought in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. NONE.

Did soldiers fight in the Civil War?

Yes, soldiers fought in the Civil War. Sadly, that is the fact of war.

What did soldiers do for entertainment in the Civil War?

in the civil war the soldiers didnt get to do anything for enteertainment they had to fight a lot

What did the soldiers do during the Civil War?


What was the main thing soldiers did in the civil war?

Wait around between battles.

Where did most battles often occur?

To pass the time, what did soldiers in the civil war do?

Why was it too deadly to fight battles in traditional military formation during the Civil War?

The new repeating rifle killed too many soldiers too quickly.

What are some Proper nouns for the civil war?

"Civil War" is a proper noun. So would be any of the names of the battles or the soldiers who fought in them.

How was the amerjcan revolution a civil war?

It wasn't a civil war. In a civil war the population fight each other, but the revolution the enemy was the British soldiers and the king.

What battles did Robert e lee fight in during the civil war?

The battle of Calvin Frankson

Why did soldiers of both sides of the civil war choose to fight?

the two soldries decid to fight for more land

Where did the majority of Texan soldiers fight during the Civil War?

Mainly, the south. :)