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Just ask around 'bout the militia, they malicious

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I wish somebody would answer this question. I really dont feel like doing this homework! 2/25/11 9:51pm

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Q: How did the transcontinental railroad network provide the basis for the great post civil war industrial transformation?
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Who invaded the underground railrode?

The Nazi Gestapo was constantly on the alert for underground resistors. The resistance network ran The Comete Line and another underground railroad to help downed pilots and Jews escape European countries. The Gestapo never let up on searching for the people who were trying to escape the "underground railroad". They did not really "invade" the underground railroad but rather arrested and often imprisoned the evaders/escapees or killed them outright. I have added my favorite, interesting related site for you to read about the underground railroad of World War 2. This site has many related links that might interest you too. This site gave me a ton of information when I was doing research for my book.

What was the single greatest factor helping to spur industrialization in the post-Civil War years?

The nationwide extension of railroads. Extensive immigration of skilled workers from Europe. It was an age of important inventions - electric light, telephone, bicycles, automobiles, refrigerated shipping. Medical advances - better survival-rates for workers.

What did the abolitionists do?

The abolitionists were people who were against slavery in the 1800's, and believed in the immediate end and abolishment of slavery in America. Abolitionists sought to pass laws preventing the spread of slavery. They helped Southern slaves escape to Canada, many using the organized network of the Underground Railroad. Some abolitionists just helped slaves tell their story. In 1860, the election of pro-abolition congressmen led to the secession of the Southern slave states to form the Confederacy, leading to the Civil War.

What raw materials were most highly valued in the Asian sea trading network?


What advantages did the North have before the war?

One of its greatest advantages was its network of roads, canals, and railroads.

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What is the transcontinental railroad-?

a railroad that runs across the contient... the transcontinental railroad is a railroad that reaches from North Carolina to California.

What was the the transcontinental railroad?

It was a railway that connected the western states to the rest of the U.S.

The greatest economic consequence of the transcontinental railroad network was that it?

united the nation into a single, integrated national market

Where was the Central Pacific Railroad first built?

The Central Pacific Railroad was first built in Sacramento, California. The Central Pacific Railroad is the former name of the railroad network that formed part of the First Transcontinental Railroad.

In what city did the transcontinental railroad end?

The Transcontinental Railroad began in San Francisco Bay area and ended in Council Bluffs, Iowa, where it connected to the existing Eastern U. S. rail network. The railroad opened for through traffic on May 10, 1869.

Did the transcontinental railroad cross the US?

Not really, despite its name. The first "transcontinental railroad" ran only from Omaha, Nebraska on the eastern end to San Francisco, California on its western end. Omaha, on the western bank of the Missouri River, is about 1,200 miles from the East Coast of the United States. However, there was already a network of railroads east of the Missouri River, so that after completion of the transcontinental railroad, someone could travel from the East Coast to San Francisco by railroad with only one interruption: a ferry across the Missouri River.

What railroad connected the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian mountains?

Completed with a Golden Spike ceremony at Promontory Summit, Utah on May 10th, 1869, the First Transcontinental Railroad linked California with the existing rail network of the eastern United States.

What impact did the transcontinental railroad have on the west?

The golden spike marked the spanning of the nation. Then was followed by other transcontinental lines, and regional lines multiplied as well. It stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific Borders in the U.S..

How did the transcontinental railroad impact American economy to gather momentum?

The Transcontinental Railroad created a nationwide transportation network that united the United States. This network replaced the wagon trains of previous decades which became useless. It allowed for the transportation of larger quantities of goods over longer distances. This was especially helpful for the industrial north at the time. While the nation was still divided due to the Civil War, the transcontinental railroad helped unify the nation, eventually making it a super power. Commerce increased between the states allowing over 50 million dollars worth of cargo to be shipped every year from 1869-1879. Goods from Asia and raw materials from the West were shipped to the East faster than ever. The West began to catch up with the Eastern way of life as many more people could now move west and the products of the manufacturing boom were shipped to the West.

What is the result of British establishing a railroad network in India?

India became increasingly valuable to the British after they establish a railroad network there. India became increasingly valuable to the British after they establish a railroad network there.

What advance made a network of railroad lines possible?

The invention of the standard gauge made a network of railroad lines possible.

Where does Russia's railroad network radiate out from thereby giving the city a high degree of centrality?

Russia's railroad network radiates out from the city of Moscow. Because of this railroad network, the city is given a very large degree of centrality.