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the union let African American American enlist

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Q: How did the union draft compare to the confederate draft?
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When did the union and confederate pass draft laws?


When did the confederate congress pass a draft law?

The confederates didn't pass the draft law, it was the Union

What did the confederate and union government create during the civil war?

I think they created a draft

How did the Union and Confederate governments compare in their handling of dissent?

The Union and Confederate governments handled their dissents by going to war and fighting for their believes. After the Union won the war against the Confederacy, the Union took power and established law in the Northern and Southern states.

What is a union Draft Law?

The first effective draft by the federal government, called for all men between the ages of 18 and 40 to be enrolled into local militia units.The first was the Confederate Draft during the Civil War, calling for all men from ages of 18-35 to join the Confederate army

Why did the union and confederate governments pass draft laws?

Because the early volunteers had only engaged for short terms, and the armies needed reinforcing.

Was Robert E Lee in the union or confederate?


How were the union and confederate draft laws different?

The Union draft law allowed conscripts to pay a substitute to do their service for them. This was disastrous for morale. It also had a serious flaw: who were these substitutes? Obviously men who had been rejected first time round, or had been dodging the draft. Very few of these substitutes saw useful service in the front line.

What did the Confederate and Union troops wear?

Confederate-Gray Union-Blue

Arkansas was union or confederate?


Is Mississippi union or confederate?


What caused the civil war draft?

A manpower shortage. The mounting casualties on both sides led to a dwindling pool of willing volunteers. This led the Confederate to institute a draft in 1862 and the Union would follow with their own in 1863.