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Q: How did the us coastline provide an advantage for the south during the civil war?
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Why did congress take advantage of the absence of southerners in the house and senate during the civil war?

During the Civil War, Congress took advantage of the absence of southerners in the House and Senate to do all of the following, except

What was one advantage the southern states had during the civil war?

The single most consistent advantage for the South during the US Civil War was that they only needed a successful defensive war to win independence.

What economic advantage did the North have during the civil war?

Railroads Manufacturing Industry

What was not a military union military advantage during the civil war?

superior generals

Who had the advantage in terms of numbers of men of fighting age available during the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the Northern forces had a significant advantage in terms of the available number of men for the army.

Why was its better banking system advantage to the north during the civil war?

because the boats

Which side had naval superiority and control of the seas during the Civil War?

The Union navy had naval superiority during the Civil War.

Which of the following was an advantage held by the South during the Civil WarΒ ?

This question can not be answered. The list is not provided.

Imagine that there had been no blockage of the confederate coastline How might such a situation have influenced of the the civil war?

imagine that there had been no blokage of the confederate coastline how might such a situation have influence of the civil war

What was one advantage the North had during the civil war?

One advantage was their superior industrial capacity, but the North also had a much larger population with which to replenish their losses.

Durring the civil war did the north have the advantage of 90 percent of the country's industries?

Yes, during the Civil War the north had 90% of the county's manufacturing abilities.

Which president ducked military service during the civil war?

Grover Cleveland paid money to avoid the draft for the Civil War. (This was a legal option which he took advantage of.)