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The Civil War brought about many changes socially for the United States. It also brought with it changes in the way soldiers bodies were handled when they died in the field. As late as August 1862 there were Union and Confederate divisions assigned to taking the field after a battle to clear the dead. Because there was no effective ambulance corps the bodies were hauled in whatever contraption that could be built to hold bodies. Morticians had little to do with body disposal, as most of the decisions were made on the field and the bodies buried in unmarked graves. This created problems at home for Christian families that were looking for proper burials for their loved ones. Dog tags did not exist during the Civil War and most families relied on friendly soldiers who might recognize a dead soldier and write a letter informing the family of where the individual died and where they were buried. But this was not a common practice. Today, because of the problems that plagued these divisions in the Civil War, soldiers have dog tags and there is an exemplary ambulatory service to deal with the dead and injured during combat.

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Q: How did they transport the dead in the civil war and what did and how did the mortcians do with the bodies.?
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