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Well it had to give aid to European countries to build back its economy (similar to WW2s martial aid) these were loans recalled during the great depression!

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Q: How did world war 1 cause the federal government to change it's relationship with the businessworld?
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How did the federal government try to change the public opinion about US involvement in World War 1?

No possible question given to answer, therefore the question is badly written by the person who assigned this task. Thus, for the user, the question is unanswerable in nature.

How did the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments change the nature of the federal Union?

The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery in the union. Until the amendment was passed legality of slavery was left to the states to determine. The 14th and 15th amendments were emotional reactions to the abhorrent institution of slavery. Their scope was meant to diminish the ability of a state, or group of states, to effectively mount a future resistance to federal authority on the scale that came very close to succeeding in the civil war. The 14th amendment made the first 10 amendments weaker by delegating new authority to the federal government. The 9th and 10th amendments affirmed the right of the states to control issues within their borders. The 14th amendment took that right from the states and gave it to the federal government.

How did Cuban way of life change during the Cold War?

adopted communism as its form of government

How did the state rights affect the Civil War?

the balance of power between federal and states governments was unchange.

In what way did the new middle class change british society?

They forced the government to change. They wanted to be in the upper class and did not like all the favors being done for people just because of their blood.

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The biggest change from the Articles of Confederation was the creation of a stronger federal government. The Constitution created an executive and judicial branch.

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No, there was no change in government at the last federal election. The incumbent government remained in power after the election.

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Thomas Jefferson did change the federal financial policies by opposing a very strong centralized government.

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The federal government can't make the states change their laws, but they use grants as incentive for the states to make the states laws what the federal government wants. They offer grants for the roads for states to change the speed limit on highways to 65 mph.

How did the articles of confederation change the colonists minds about the government?

That the Confederation would not work and they had to form themselves into a Federal Government

How did new deal change the relationship between people and government?

what is the New Deal

How did the federal government change the civil war?

After the Civil War, the government more directly influenced the everyday lives of Americans.