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Great! The Australian economy received a huge boost from the war, as most consumer goods were restricted, meaning that people could not spend on stuff that they didn't really need. Strict rationing of food also meant that people did not over-indulge. This helped the Australians' personal savings rise greatly. Secondly, manpowering and essentials industries meant that there was close to full employment, of course accelerating the economy.

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Turning point, forging a foreign policy1942 was a turning point in Australia's foreign policy. After the bombing of pearl harbour in December 1941 America entered World War two. Britain was trying to push back the German forces and Australia was ensure the support of the Singapore naval base for support. Prime minister John Curtin didn't think Australia was protected from Japanese invasion and that Britain was doing nothing to prevent this 'so called' inevitable event. Australia turned to America for defence. A decision that would turn out to provide a bond that still exists until today. In lamens terms, World War Two Provided Australia with a bond with the USA, a distancing from Great Britain, and an exploration for independence and own foreign policy.

That's all i know, in relation to the effect of conscription on Australia's foreign policy the information is scarce if it even exists. Give Up.

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World War 2 shaped Australia in many ways.

Firstly there was a large expansion of Commonwealth powers, remembering the use of conscription, and people believing that the government had the right to aid in effective governing of the war effort. the government also had greater powers over censorship.

Economically, the manufacturing sector grew as Australian industry made weapons and munitions for the war effort.

However the most important change came from the foreign relations area. After the failure of the British in any shape or form help protect Australia. While most australians thought of themselves as 'british to the bootheels' this sentiment began to be dismantled and greater ties were made with the US

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Q: How did world war 2 shape australia?
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