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The people of WW2 were Pro-labor Labor Unions thrived

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Q: How did world war two affect labor unions?
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What type of organizations are labor unions?

Labor Unions are organized to help labor. There are two types of labor unions, Craft Unions for workers in a certain skill or trade, like masons or carpenters; and Industrial Unions that are made up of all the workers in a particular industry. The Auto Workers Union is an example of an Industrial Union and the AMA is an example of a Craft Union.

What 2 labor unions merged to form a large national organization?

The two labor unions that merged to form one large national organization were the CIO and the AFL.

What are two labor unions?

The Brotherhood of Teamsters, and the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers.

What two labor unions merged to form one large organization?

The American Federation of Labor (AFL) & Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)

In 1955 what two labor unions merged to form one large national organization?

American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations

How many US workers belong to a labor union?

There are two (2) different types of unions that exist in the United States.

What two labor unions merged to form one large national organization?

The AFL and the CIO. and the Mexicans

Why were unions not popular in the 1800s?

Many labor unions were formed in the USofA prior to the 1800's and before that, there were labor societies known as "guilds" throughout Europe & Asia for millenia. Your presupposition that labor unions could not be formed in the 1800's is probably based in the notion that labor unions had no power to effect broad based change until the federal government became involved. The error of this notion is two-fold: labor societies (in the form of guilds) prospered long before there was a USofA & the federal government did not profit the labor societies so much as it put the labor societies at odds with the market.

What were labor unions and what was the Oregon Trail?

Those are two completely separate questions. Please see the Related Questions below for answers to those two questions.

What issues divided business and labor?

The primary issue between business & labor unions is generally focused on wages. Another concern between the two parties are health benefits & retirement plans.

Which two union organizations united in 1955 to form a single labor federation that today includes the majority of unions in the US?

The Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) and the American Federation of Labor (AFL)

What were the two areas where Progressivism made little to no change?

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