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In a church or at the town hall

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Q: How do Danish people get married?
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Who Was Carl Faberge Married To?

He was married to a Danish woman named Charlotte Junqstedt.

Where are Danish people?

Danish people are from Denmark (a country in Northern Europe).

What do the Danish do?

usually the danish people pray or cook

Are the Danish people nice?

The Danish are always nice.

What are people from Denmark known as?

A person from Denmark is called a Dane. They are Danish people. we are in standard english called "danish" or "danes", while we in danish are called "danskere". mesdian Danes or Danish are people native to Denmark.

Are hungarians Dutch or danish?

Hungarians are Hungarian. Dutch people are from The Netherlands and Danish people are from Denmark.

When was Danish People's Party created?

Danish People's Party was created on 1995-10-06.

What you called people from Denmark?

In English, people from Denmark are called Danes. In Danish, people from Denmark are called Danskere.

If ancestors are Danish what country did they come from?

Danish people come from Denmark.

What year did paul gaguin get married and to whom?

He was married in 1873 to a danish woman named Mette-Sophie Gad.

What lanuage do Danish speak?

Danish, funnily enough. And the people are called "Danes".

Were there any Danish people on the Titanic?

Yes. 13 danes were on Titanic and only 1 survived. 1 was American born but married to a dane. She survived as well.