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There are only two ways for a Scantron machine to make a mistake - either user error or operator error:

1 - User error - if you mark on the timing marks or the form ID marks of a Scantron form, you potentially can cause the form to not be recognized, or (very unlikely) to be recognized as a different form. Either way, the machine cannot read the form accurately. OIbviously, if you mark extra bubbles in a single choice field and do not erase, that can cause issues as well.

2 - Operator error - there are several ways errors can occur here, from allowing forms to be exposed to excessive humidity while being stored, to not maintaining the scanner properly. There are a number of ways for operator error to occur. But a properly maintained scanner is able to read a properly filled out form with 100% accuracy.

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Q: How do scantrons make mistakes?
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