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u throw lots of grenades and molotovs

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Q: How do you destroy tanks on commandos strike force?
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Can you make a sentence with the word destroy?

Tanks Destroy everything in their paths.

What are tanks used for in the war?

to destroy enymeys vehicals

How do you destroy the tanks in sniper art of victory?

The tanks have a small (light) fuel can each on the back (right side). Shoot the fuel cans and the tanks will explode.

How do you the convoy special mission in burnin rubber 4?

destroy 3 tanks

What is blitzkerieg?

It is German for "Lightning War," the use of tanks and mobile forces to strike quickly.

How did the tanks of World War 1 change the future of war?

They were the first tanks, and tanks eventually became a dominant force in warfare as we know it.

How many army tanks were there in Hiroshima at the time we bombed them?

The US had no tanks there and the troops didn't the main land either. Airplanes were used to destroy those cities.

Why are tanks used?

In Vietnam, the US Army & Marines used their Patton tanks (90mm gun), while the Australians used their Centurion tanks (84mm gun) for jungle busting (crashing through jungle).

What are greanade used for?

They were used in war time to blow up tanks or buildings, to throw into foxholes, to destroy.

What are army tanks used for?

The tank is an offensive weapon tasked to (1) break through the defenseof the enemy. (2) flank the enemy force or (3) as an element of combinedforces, seek out and destroy the enemy using the "combined arms" of Air,Artillery and Infantry.

How do you get a lot of ep in prototype 2?

You can mostly just destroy tanks and kill and kill/consume infected brawlers

What is escalation of force?

Escalation of force is increasing the amount of military power being used. It was a critical concept during the cold war, as escalating too rapidly could lead to nuclear war. If a war is being fought entirely by infantry, then the highest amount of force available is what assault rifles and man-portable machine guns can deliver, plus the occasional mortar rig. Sending in tanks to eliminate the enemy is escalation of force, as you're bringing in firepower beyond what was already there. The Cold War issue was determining where the stopping line was and agreeing to it (with an enemy you're not actually talking to...officially). The enemy sends in attack helicopters to destroy your tanks, you send in fighters to destroy their helicopters, they bring in surface to air missile emplacements to destroy your fighters, you start using cruise missiles to destroy the SAM Sites, they start using bigger weapons to destroy whatever you're launching cruise missiles from...eventually both sides are using their most powerful weapons on eachother. With the cold war, said powerful weapons were capable of depopulating the planet, which neither side wants (but is willing to do to prevent the other from becoming overlords of the world).