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Well, you go through many differnent stages while in Basic training. I know for me i was in the state of shock for about 3 days and a state of confusion (what did i get myself into? went through my head many different times) for the most part you are so busy your like a robot. The best thing is to have no expectation and have a positive out look. Its only a few weeks and they go by fast. The further in you get the easier it gets and your TI's will normally start relaxing and treating you normal. It is def. an unforgettable life changing part of your life. and the people you share this will you will never forget. (they become like family and you will depend on them) Not all of Basic is miserable...just most of it! you will have times you wanna cry and times you wanna laugh!

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Q: How do you feel while in basic training?
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Do you get fed while in basic training?

Yes. You are in the custody of the US government and they will provide your meals and housing while in basic training.

What is the basic pay of Pakistan army while training?

15000 pak rupees i think

How many people on a Navy ship during basic training?

Navy basic training is not held on shipboard. Basic training is held at the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Where Basic training school for primary school?

basic training centre of goverment in kolkata

Can an alien be naturalized while in basic training during World War 2?

no only after service with honorable discharge

Do you need swimwear while in army basic training?

I don't think so as I trained at three different locations and never received any swimming training or even a mention of it.

How do you get Recruiter Assistance?

Go speak to your local recruiter while you are on leave after basic training. If they want your help, they will make the arrangements.

While in the air force 1955 thu 1959 what station or bases did Morgan Freeman serve at. where did he take air force basic training.?

in 1955 there were two basic training bases . Sampson AFB geneva,new york and lackland AFB, TeX

Can a male have a part in his hair while serving the military?

Sure, with exceptions like Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, and so on, during which the hair is too short to part.

What is AFTB training?


Is everyone in the military required to go to basic training?

Yes, everyone in the Military is required to go to Basic Training.

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Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon was created in 1976.