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just send 4 tanks to the top of the screen

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Q: How do you gain ground on mud and blood 2?
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Are there any games like mud and blood 2?

mud and blood 3 and 1

Is there a mud and blood 3?

So far Mud and Blood 2 has only been getting lots of updates. So no Mud And Blood 3 for now.

Can you cheat on mud and blood 2?

Read the instructions.

How medics use their gun on mud and blood 2?

They don't

What are mud and blood 2 cheats?

Unfortunately, there are none to speak of. But you can go to a hacker website such as,, or and find the hacks for M&B2

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What cheat code for Mud and Blood 2.3?

There are no cheats to Mud and Blood 2.'s bull, go to, search mud and blood 2 and u will have unlimited tactical points.But there are no cheat codes for it besides pre-hacks on websites.

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