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You tell them, the London bridge is falling down, and a few hundred miles away Jews are being burned.

Another answer: If you are asking...How was the news of the Holocaust reported in the United States?

The full-extent of the Holocaust & mass murder was not known or reported in the United States until after the death camps were liberated by Americans & British soldiers at the end of the war (April-May 1945). Much of what Hitler & Germany were doing to actually exterminate the entire Jewish population of "occupied Europe" was hidden from the Allies during most of the war.

Allied intelligence began getting information about the death camps and the overall genocide late in the war. Many did not want to believe that Germany was capable of such war crimes, and others thought that even if it was true, then the American public would not believe it. This is because during the First World War the Germans had often been falsely accused of many crimes. Public credibility was important.

When the death camps were discovered the Allied military leaders made certain that the world's photographers were present to document the atrocities. The reports to America contained photographs, motion picture film, and first-hand eye-witness accounts. The news shocked America & Britain. When American soldiers returned from the war, they confirmed the accounts of the holocaust.

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Q: How do you report the news of the Holocaust to the US?
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