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Submit a letter through your chain of command; appropiate responses will come forthwith.

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Yes, officers may resign their commission. It is possible that will not release them from their committment however.

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Yes, but only after he or she has met all legal obligations for minimum number of years of service (which are different, based on several factors).

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Q: How do you resign an army commission?
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What criticism made Ulysses S. Grant resign his commission in the army and try his hand at farming?

His alcoholism

Why did George B. McClellan resign his commission in the US Army in 1857?

When George B. McClellan resigned his commission in the US Army in 1857, he had no idea that there would be a Southern secession in 1860 to 1861. He resigned from the US Army to join the private sector as an officer in the railroad industry. He first worked for the Illinois Central railroad and later was a high ranking officer in the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad.

Where did Washington resign his military commission?

George Washington resigned his military commission in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Maryland State House. This happened on December 23, 1783.

Latest news about regular commission in Pakistan army?

about pk army

Did Robert E. Lee force to resign from the army?

No. Ulyseeus S Grant was though.

Who got resign from drinking Robert lee or Ulysses S. Grant?

Ulysses S. Grant was forced to resign from the Army because of heavy drinking and fighting with his commander.

How much is the pension for army captain after 6th pay commission?

Pension of an army captain after implementation of 6th pay commission is approx sixteen thousand.

Why did Sir Roy Denman resign as Head of EU Delegation to Washington?

because with 65 he had reached the Commission's madatory retirement age.

What is a NZ ARMY regular force officer commission?

A Commission is a document giving authoirty to a person

Why did Washington resign and give up power of the Continental Army after the revolutionarywar?

He was a supporter or the patriot cause

What is the date of commission?

The date some act was committed. So if it's the date of commission into the army or something, it's the date the person became part of the army. If it's the date of commission of a crime, it's the date the crime was committed, etc.

What is the difference job profile between short service commission and permanant commission in the Indian Army?

The difference in job profile between a short service commission and a permanent commission within the Indian Army is the difference between getting paid only when in the military (short service) and receiving a state pension upon retirement (permanent commission).