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sehr gut

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Q: How do you say very good in Austrian?
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How do you say hello good evening in Austrian?


How will i say good night in Brisbane Australia?

As Australia uses the English language (with an Austrian twang) I would simply say, "Good night."

How do you say wonderful in Austrian?

In Austrian German, you can say "wunderbar" to mean wonderful.

How do you say the word Austrian in German?

A female Austrian is "Österreicherin".A male Austrian is "Österreicher"As an adjective it is österreichisch"

How do you say my name is Brittany in Austrian?

There is no Austrian language. In Deutsch, you would say, "Ich heiße Brittany."

How do you say grandma in Austrian?

"Großmutter" is the word for grandmother in Austrian German.

What slang word in the Austrian language is good in Austrian?

Servus - hey

Were most of the Nazis Austrian?

At the time, there was very little distinction between Austrian and German nationality - that is a post-War concept. If you place it on the basis of what country they came from, though, many were, but it was proportional to the populations. After the Anschluß, one cannot say that someone was Austrian, as they were officially a part of Germany.

What to do Austrian's say for currency exchange?

The austrian's currency rates is 1 Euro (€) = 100 Cents.

How do you say enter in Austrian?

please come in

How do you say Austrian in French?

autrichien - autrichienne

How do you say Switzerland in Austrian?

There is no such language as "Austrian". In Austria they speak German, as they do in most of Switzerland.Switzerland in German is "Schweiz".