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As with ANY metal object, such as firearms (guns), steel helmets, metal (aluminum) Army canteens, Army mess kits (forks, spoons, plates), swords, knives, aluminum framed Vietnam era "ruck-sack frames" (infantryman back packs), etc. One cannot tell it's history; metal can be refurbished (re-newed), and counterfeits can easily be made. Non-metal objects such as clothing (uniforms), plastic canteens, tents, wooden ammunition boxes, and vehicles with "serial numbers" can, as a rule, be their age, and cannot easily be re-touched, as the material can deteriorate. UNLESS the metal object, such as the "camillus pilot's knife" has an "original" SERIAL NUMBER engraved upon it, the only way it can be identified as a bona-fide Viet War knife is if it was obtained by you from the "original owner." In such a case, the original owner would explain the knife's history...and then, the ONLY question remaining is, "is his history of the knife" true or not.

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Q: How do you tell real Vietnam camillus pilots knife?
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