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The red soccer team has the defeat over the blue soccer team

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"Defeated" France has just DEFEATED England in the 2009 football league. John was DEFEATED by this opponent, Dylan, with a flying kick towards his ass.

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MY opponent is easily defeatable.

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Q: How do you use defeat in a sentence?
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How do you use opponents in sentence?

My opponent have defeat me in the match when i was not pay districed

How do you use gubernatorial in a sentence?

The gubernatorial election is over and the looser has conceded defeat.

How do you use trickiness in a sentence?

The wicked witch's trickiness made it near impossible to defeat her.

How do yopu use juggernaut in a sentence?

Our football team is a juggernaunt, no one can defeat us!

How can you use undaunted in a sentence?

Undaunted by his earlier defeat, Napoleon escaped from exile and returned to France.

What is a sentence with the word defeat?

I suffered defeat at the hands of my opponent.

How do you use overtone - not in music - in a sentence?

The defeat of the town's first Asian mayor had some racist overtones.

Use the word ultimately in a sentence?

Ultimately, their defeat came down to their inability to stop Peyton Manning.

How do you use hubris in a sentence?

The humility of a defeat may purge you of a dangerous hubris, a moment of grace that offers clarification.

Give you a sentence for the word defeat?

The great boxer was able to defeat all his opponents in the ring.

How can you use the word satisfying in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.We had a very satisfying meal at the new restaurant.Her victory was satisfying after her near-defeat.

What is a sentence for the word mission?

I'm going on a mission to defeat evil.