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Wear it with any Class A or Dress Blue uniform. It is to be adorned around the neck underneath the collar of the white shirt, either below the bowtie or atop the necktie.

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The Samuel Sharp Award is worn around the neck under the shirt. This award is only to be worn with the dress blue or white uniform.

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Q: How do you wear the Samuel sharp award?
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How do you receive the order of Samuel sharp award?

A person must have a nominator, an endorser, and approving authority to get the "Order of Samuel Sharp" award. Your supervisor has to go the website and print off the application form.

When can you wear the Samuel Sharpe award?

When attending an official function of the Ordnance Branch or during times of personally authorized wear of the uniform, at the wearers discretion, but not at official functions. Examples; I am attending a reception for the incoming Chief of Ordnance - I would wear my award. I am attending an officers call with the organization I am assigned to (not an ordnance function) I do not wear my award unless the invite specifically allows "regimental awards permitted". I am attending a local civic function and choose to wear the award for personal reasons, I can wear the award. I have been asked to attend a friends wedding in military uniform - I can wear the award as a choice at my discretion.

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The purpose of the Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe is to recognize those individuals who have served the United States Army Ordnance Corps with demonstrated integrity, moral character and professional competence over a sustained period of time. And whose selfless contributions to the Corps stand out in the eyes of their seniors, peers and subordinates alike. Usually this award is recommended by your senior rater.

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