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She was on her way home from the dance when Dave burdow's son came after them. Mary and her date beelined to a friends house. Mary stayed in the wagon while her date got help. When Mr. Burdow's son caught up to them the shot a bullet but not at her which startled the animals on the friend's farm. The animals stampeded toward the wagon and knocked it over, killing Mary.

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Q: How does Mary Creighton die in across five aprils?
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When was Mary creighton killed in across five aprils?

Winter of 1859!

What was Matt creighton's role in the book across five aprils?

His role is the father of the Creighton's

Who was Travis Burdow?

Travis Burdow is a character in the story Across Five Aprils. He is the individual who overturned a wagon killing the character Mary Creighton.

What page does Matthew Creighton have a heart attack on in Across Five Aprils?

(Pg. 97)

Are flashbacks used in Across Five Aprils?

Yes...When Mary dies is a good example of flashback in Across Five Aprils.

What was jethro's mother's name in the book Across five aprils?

she was killed by a rat poision

Is 'Across Five Aprils' a memoir?

No it is not a memoir. It is a fictional story of the Creighton family during the American Civil War.

Who wrote across five Aprils?

Across Five Aprils - by Irene Hunt

How many pages does Across Five Aprils have?

Across Five Aprils has 212 pages.

When was Across Five Aprils created?

Across Five Aprils was created on 2008-03-12.

Why does Eb live with the Creightons in the book 'Across Five Aprils'?

Eb was an orphan and the Creighton family adopted him as their own. Another reason was because Eb was their cousin.

How long is the video across five Aprils?

Across Five Aprils (1990) running time 82 minutes