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When Russia placed the missiles on Cuba it was warned that they needed to be removed and when they weren't action was taken by enacting a blockade of the island. This was part of the policy of containment by the United States not to allow Russia to influence the development of a communist country within the sphere of influence of the US.

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Q: How does US action in cuba demonstrate the policy of containment?
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The action taken to stop the Soviets from sending missiles to Cuba was?

Initial action was a blockade: the USA placed a naval quarantine around Cuba to stop further weapons from being conveyed to the island.

Which action did President Kennedy take when it was discovered that the Soviets were providing Cuba with nuclear missiles?

A 13 day political military

Why did Russia put missiles in Cuba?

Russia sent missiles to Cuba because Cuba was already in a conflict where the U.S had attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro. Russia took advantage of Fidel's anger and sent the missiles to Cuba in which Cuba threatened to use them against the U.S

Did the us policy of containment work during the cold war?

Yes, given the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. never had between them a nuclear war. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest they ever came, during the interval of October 14, 1962 until November 20, 1962. The crisis arose over the placement by the U.S.S.R. of nuclear missiles and other assets in Cuba, which is located a mere ninety miles from Miami, Florida. From there, these missiles could have reached anywhere in the continental United States and southern Canada (except perhaps Alaska).U.S. policy has been credited with being proximately causative of the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which occurred between January 19, 1990 and December 31, 1991.

Did Cuba ever have nuclear missiles?

No. Cuba itself never had nuclear missiles although the USSR set up nuclear missile launch sites in Cuba.

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What was the cause of the Cuban missle crisis?

The United States further extended its containment policy in Latin american. Soviet nuclear missile sites in Cuba

President Kennedy was mainly concerned with the containment of communism in what country?


Did the policy of containment help stop the spread of communism?

obviously not, because all the countries we fought in during the Cold War are still communist: Vietnam Cambodia Laos N. Korea China Cuba

Why did the US government oppose Fidel Catros taking power in Cuba?

Castro is a communist and took over Cuba by revolution. Cuba is in our sphere of influence and under the policy of containment and making the world safe for democracy he was just too close to American shores. It didn't help that he aligned himself with Russia and made a deal to get Russian missiles in Cuba. When the missiles went in the US responded and boycotted Cuba when the Russians refused to remove them. Today the Russians still have a lot of influence with Castro and his brother.

Was American policy justified regarding Cuba?

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Is there communism containment today?

There is communism in only Five Nations today, China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea and Laos.

Why did the U.S government oppose Fidel Castro taking power in Cuba?

Very simple he was a communist 90 miles from the Florida coast. This was the period of containment.

What is the US foreign policy towards Cuba?

The policy has eased in the past years. Americans are still not allowed to travel to Cuba, but Americans who have immediate family in Cuba are allowed to visit. most of the reason that the us government hates Cuba is because they are a communist nation, and they have a dictator, which America highly disapproves of. Hope this helps :)

What policy toward communism did diplomat george f Keenan recommend?

He recommended "Containment", which remained the official US policy until after the Vietnam war. Its end was also influenced by the fact that it then also transpired that the 'Domino theory" of the USA was incorrect, which held that if one nation fell to Communism, all its neighbors were bound to follow. They didn't. The Containment policy held that Communism should remain contained within the areas where it was dominant around 1949; and that any effort of Communist countries or forces to expand beyond those areas should be forcibly repulsed by the USA. This policy led to US involvement in Cuba (the Bay of Pigs-disaster and the missile crisis), in the Korean war and in the Vietnam war.

What action did US take when Castro seized businesses in Cuba?

the united states placed a trade embargo on Cuba

What act of containment did the US use in the Cuban missile crisis?

The US used a naval embargo to prevent any missiles or related material from reaching Cuba.

The Bay of Pigs incident was?

The Bay of Pigs incident took place at the south coast of Cuba. This action was accomplished in 1961 when Fidel Castro took power in Cuba.