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The major difference is the question of slavery. In reality slavery was a minor issue. The major causes of the war were the same that led to the war of independence from Great Britain.

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Q: How does the popular image of the Civil War compare with the historical reality?
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Who wrote the book called The Red Badge of Courage in the civil war and was a journalist who did wde research on the Civil war?

Stephen Crane wrote "The Red Badge of Courage." While he did not personally experience the Civil War, he extensively researched the conflict through interviews and historical accounts to accurately portray its reality in his novel.

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Is there such thing as a historical fiction?

Yes, Historical Fiction is an important, significant, and popular genera(type of book) in literacy. However, the term may not mean what you (the asker of the original question) think it does. A "historical fiction" is a work of fiction set in a past time. For instance, if I were to write a fictional story about the US Civil War, that would be considered historical fiction.

When did the Civil War become reality for Southern Illinois?

The Civil War became reality on April 24 of 1861. That is when the 9th Illinois Infantry was mustered in at Springfield.

What are some historical causes for the civil war?

some historical causes of the civil war were slavery and the splitting of the country people wanted to keep it together whcih caused it to split

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