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it didnt. noob.

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Q: How fast did ford produce airplanes in World War 2?
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Why did women have to work during World War 2?

During World War 2, many men joined the military. They left their jobs. Someone had to run the machines and make the products. Someone had to work in the stores. Someone had to run the businesses. Henry Ford hired women to work in his factories. He taught women to fly the airplanes that he built for the war effort and to fly them to the troops on the front lines. They flew with loaded guns so that if the enemy appeared, they would shoot him down. I do not know if any of Henry Ford's female pilots delivering planes ever shot down an enemy aircraft.

How did Ford help the war effect during World War 1 and World War 2?

Henry Ford used his auto manufacturing plants to help the US build planes, Jeeps and many parts for planes and other items in both wars. In World War 2 he also BUILT a special huge plant for building planes. Ninety percent of his workers were women. Hats off to Henry Ford.

What happened to the USS Utah in world war 2?

Was sunk at Ford island at pearl harber

Did ford build any fighter planes in World War 2?

No, but they provided they engines for several fighters.

What Jeeps did the US use in World War 2?

All WWII jeeps looked like somewhat smaller CJs. The design was from the Willys Automobile Company, in response to a request from the Army for a 1/4 ton, four wheel drive truck. The Willys design was phenomenal, and the Army knew it wanted all it could get. Willys was a small company, and the Army did not believe they could produce the vehicle in the numbers wanted. The Army got GM and Ford to produce the vehicles (Ford-built models have the Ford "F" on every bolt head). As a sop, Willys was allowed to produce little trailers designed to be towed behind the jeeps. Willys did not long survive after the war and was bought by American Motors, who continued to build Jeeps for decades. Many WWII soldiers referred to the vehicle as a "peep", not a jeep (just like they didn't really call themselves "GIs" either - both are postwar revisions of what was actually usually said).