How fast is a sherman tank?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The M4 Sherman Tank's top speed was around 28 mph which wasn't as fast as the Soviet T34 tank at 36 mph top speed. Its main superiority over all other tanks during the Second World War was its sheer strength in numbers. Though it could only destroy a German Panther or Tiger tank within 90 yards at the rear, the great manueverability and numbers could take one out with minimal casualties, being aided by the fact that the Tiger tank's barrel rotation speed was about 2 minutes for a full 360 degree turn.

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Q: How fast is a sherman tank?
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Who invented the sherman tank?

the US Army invented the Sherman tank.

How tall is a Sherman tank?

The Sherman tank is nine feet tall.

What is the best starter tank for world of tanks?

the best medium tank would be the sherman or lee sherman is fast an durablebut lee has more fire power Try russian medium-tanks tree to get KV1, you will learn playing some light tanks, fast meds (T-28) and KV-1 is the best heavy tank for new player.

How tall is a General Sherman tank?

The M4 Sherman tank was nine feet tall.

What is the latest version of the Sherman tank?

One can find information on Sherman tanks via the Wikipedia website. The latest version of the Sherman tank is usually the M4 Sherman and this has its own page on the Wikipedia website.

What nicknames did Sherman Pendergarst go by?

Sherman Pendergarst went by The Tank.

What was the max speed of a sherman tank?

the maximum speed of a sherman tank was around 30MPH with a standard speed of around 25MPH

What chances does a sherman tank have in killing a abram tank?


What is the largest tank in the world?

The largest tank Is the p1000 rattle but it was never manifactured but the Maus has 2 and its the largest tank in ww2 but its biggest manifactured in ww2 was the sherman tank during ww2.

What is the cost of a modern sherman tank?

Israel was the last country to build the Sherman tank and that was decades ago. There is no such thing as a Modern Sherman tank. The tank dates back to WWII. The cost of a New Sherman Tank, would probably be around a hundred thousand US dollars, and you would need a licence to operate it, and it would have to be modified so it couldn't fire real ammunition.

What has the author Pat Ware written?

Pat Ware has written: 'SHERMAN TANK' -- subject(s): Sherman tank, Maintenance and repair, Handbooks, manuals

What are the release dates for Battle Stations - 2000 Sherman Tank - 5.2?

Battle Stations - 2000 Sherman Tank - 5.2 was released on: USA: 2004