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When human nature changes, so will war.

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Q: How have your attitudes changed about war?
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How have attitudes towards World War I changed?

The attitudes of war changed because news of the failures and horrors spread to Britain. People then started hearing about all the deaths and horrors and were shocked. Despite this people still wrote patriotic poems and songs and still thought that you should go to war and die for your country. Peoples attitudes mainly changed because of war poems which told of the horrors and destruction. Many of the people that died were then none as the lost generation because they were mostly young men. (Conor Ross's group)

What changed American attitudes toward Japanese after World War 2?

The War changed the Americans attitude toward the Japanese because they found out after World War 2 the Japanese Americans were innocent of helping the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.

How have attitudes towards relationships changed?

attitudes have changed towards relationships because people have gone from sad and lonely to happy and not lonely

What are the public attitudes to texting?

public attitudes to texting is that it has benn changed to the 20th centary

Why have attitudes to homosexuality changed?

because they take it up the rear :)

Have attitudes toward violence changed since the 11th century?


Did prohibition changed the attitude of people towards criminals?

i think so , the criminal's sex attitudes changed also.

What is correct about attitudes A Positive attitudes can help us learn quicker B Negative attitudes can't be changed C There's one fundamental way of acquiring attitudes D Attitudes can't be learned?

Like many things, attitudes are learned (from early childhood) and new attitudes can replace old attitudes. We learn most attitudes and ways of responding from other people, often, from adults who care for us. There is no one way to learn (or unlearn, modify) attitudes; they can change from gaining knowledge, reading, experience, interactions with others, etc. Negative attitudes can be changed, but half the battle is first being aware of what attitudes we use. Positive attitudes can help us learn quicker. Negative attitudes can create obstacles to learning new things, including new attitudes.

What was the attitudes to war in World War 1 and World War 2?

Worl war 2

How attitudes to Empire have changed?

because attitude was very poor and now it has become a very good thing indeed that it has changed

How did attitude towards conscientious objectors change in the years 1916-45?

The governments attitudes changed between world war 1 and world war 2 beacto be conscientious use even though people were giventhe right

WhAT issues is not affected by religious attitudes?

The actual text of the bible is not affected by religious attitudes. False interpretations abound, but the text contained in the book has not changed.