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Robert Clive laid the foundations for British rule in India by defeating Siraj-ud-Daula the nawab of Bengal in battle of Plassey.Clive had bribed one of Siraj's key men, Mir Jafar , to side with the English. In return, the victorious Clive made him the new nawab of Bengal. At the Battle of Plassey, in june 1757, an English army led by Robert Clive succeded in defeating the much larger army of Siraj. It was a great success for the East India Company who now were guaranteed control of the profitable trade in Bengal.

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Q: How important was Robert clive in the british takeover of India?
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The British successes in India were achieved through the military genius of?

A. Agra B. Jahangir C.Sir Robert Clive D.Shah Jahan The Correct answer is C. Sir Robert Clive.

What was the importance of sepoy mutiny?

The Sepoy Mutiny was important because it was India's first war of independence. One hundred thousand Indians were killed as a result of their revolt.

How did the Sepoy mutiny change the way the British ruled India?

The mutiny increased distrust between the British and the Indians so the British decided to directly rule India instead of indirectly.

Why was the battle of plassey an important event in Indian history?

Gerneral Robert Clive, under instructions from the British East India Company, with a mixed European-Indian force of some 2,500 men, defeated the army of Siraj-ud-Dawlah, the nawab (ruler) of Bengal, at the Battle of Plassey on June 23, 1757.As a result of this battle, Siraj-ad-daula was captured by Mir Jafar's soldiers when he tried to escape and later executed on order of Mir Jafar's son.Mir Jafar, who had signed a secret agreement with Robert Clive, replaced Siraj as nawab.The French were no longer a significant force in Bengal and the British became the significant European power in Bengal and the Carnatic, the two most profitable regions of India for European traders. Over the next 190 years, Britain went on to expand its power in India and Asia.Robert Clive was appointed Baron of Plassey in 1762 and Governor of Bengal in 1765.

Why did India participate in World War 1?

It was part of the British Empire.

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Who was the British general who ousted the French from India and founded British India?

Robert Clive.

Which British head of cabinet acquired Canada and India?

Robert Waplole Robert Waplole

To what extent was Robert Clive responsible for the great growth of British power in India?

Robert Clive was the mastermind behnd Indian disaster and he was chiefly responsible for the greatgrowth of British power in India.

First British person who visited India?

robert collins

What is The most important benefits of British rule over India?

British looted India And filled their treasures.

Who established british dominance in India in the 18th century?

robert clive

Who establish british dominance in India in the 18th century?

robert clive

Who established british dominance in India in 18th century?

robert clive

Was the British takeover of India genocide?

No. It was instead a series of treacherous moves played out upon the battle field and maneuvered through various legal documents.

Why is India important to the British?

India is a tropical country, in a very high contrast to Britain. India brought the British new products they had little or no access to previously. Also, India is an important country when referring to traveling the world. Thanks to India, it was much easier for the British to cross to their territories in Africa or Australia.

Sir Robert Clive was an aggressive British empire builder who?

He was empowered by the British crown to fight any force that threatened the East India Company's power in India.

What is Robert Clive famous for doing?

Robert Clive was a member of the British military. He is known for securing India and all of its wealth.