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Because everyone had to make major changes to adjust to all the technological advances during the war

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Q: How is World War 1 different from previous wars?
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What are the differences between world war 2 and previous wars?

that theres different contrys in each war

Is there a possibility of another world war?

Yes, there is a possibility of another world war; however, there is also a push for countries to unite. If there is another world war, it will probably be much different than the previous wars.

What are three technological deveolpment's that made the First world war so different from previous wars?

The French 75, the machine gun and the aircraft.

How did World War 2 compare to previous wars in terms of loss of life?

50 to 70 million lives were lost during World War 2. No other war, not even World War 1, had even half that many deaths. You would have to combine the deaths of many different wars to even get close to the World War 2 death totals.

How was World War 2 different from modern day wars?

what is the difference bewteen the world war 2 and the modern day war and how are the weapons different between the two wars

What was a major change in World War 1 from previous wars?

WW I was bigger than previous wars, because all the powerful nations of the world were involved on one side or the other, in two vast, opposed alliances (the Triple Entente vs. the Central Powers). No previous war had involved the whole world.

What two things were different about World War 1 to World War 2?

Well they are different wars and different people fought in them.

What was the war previous to World War 2?

there was only a world war 1 and world war 2

How was fighting the trenches war different from previous American wars such as the Civil War or Spanish-American War?

The wars are not comparable. All had different causes, and were fought under different conditions. However, the Confederates liked to compare themselves with the heroes of the American Revolution, fighting for self-government. And the fighting at Petersburg in 1864-5 did resemble the trench warfare of World War 1.

Is the Revolutionary War the same as World War 1?

No, they were two different wars fought in different time periods.

Why did World War 1 and World War 2 experience such different foreign policy after each war?

it is because of how the wars started

Why were some wars called World Wars?

Some wars were called World Wars because they were fought with a variety of countries all around the world in different places. An example would be World War 1.