How is a war peace?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no, war is never peace. This is coming from a 12 year old girl who knows way more about how to a country than these republicans. after we were hit with the planes on the twin towers, George Bush thought that it would be brilliant to go war, and hopefully after we could have a peaceful relasionship with the enemy. but my question is, how can you go to someones country and kill and try to take over their people, then afterwards have a peacful relasonsip with each other. First of all, because im 12, i know that when i get into a fight about the sillisest things, someone there is still going to hold a grudge. so what makes you think that after we invaid someone country after they did it to us, that we can blow it off and be peaceful again? we mind as well just not even start a war.

two bads, don't make a right. and a country can never have peace with another, if they crash planes into two of the most famous towers ever, and then we go into their coutry and fight back. i just don't understand how that can happen, and everything be peaceful again. so bottom line is that peace can not follow war.

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Q: How is a war peace?
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