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The radiation comes from the material used.

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Q: How is radiation used in the making of bombs?
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Is there gamma radiation in nuclear bombs?

Yes, nuclear bombs produce gamma radiation as a result of the nuclear fission or fusion reactions that release high-energy photons. Gamma radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that accompanies the explosion of nuclear devices.

What is the Difference in radiation - atomic vs hydrogen bombs?

Atomic bombs use nuclear fission, where heavy atomic nuclei split into smaller ones releasing energy and radiation. Hydrogen bombs use both nuclear fission and fusion, with fusion reactions involving the combining of light atomic nuclei to release even more energy and radiation. Hydrogen bombs are typically more powerful and produce higher levels of radiation compared to atomic bombs.

What is the energy transfer for Atomic Bombs?


What radiation do atomic bombs give of?

The radiation levels of atomic bombs vary according to the amount of radioactive elements put into the bombs or missiles and if they are actually used. Once the radioactive matter is inside the bomb housing the radiation levels are negligible but once one of the nuclear bombs is used then the variables come into play. (see related link below to see how complex it is) Consider this: the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 are 1/10th the killing power of today's nuclear missiles. If one modern nuclear missile were to be used today the bomb would be able to kill about a third of the world with the initial bomb blast and radiation fallout. The radiation level after Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not really measured until after the US occupied Japan. The Japanese leaders did not really understand the radiation fallout and poisonous danger and they did not use radiation detectors right after the blast. It is rumored the radiation levels were 100 times today's acceptable levels of radiation.

How is beta radiation used in paper making?

Beta radiation is used in paper making to measure the density and thickness of paper. By passing beta radiation through the paper, it can detect variations in the paper's properties, helping to ensure quality control during the production process. This technology is non-destructive and provides real-time feedback for adjustments in the manufacturing process.

How did atomic bombs affect your planet?

it made it greener with radiation...

Did radiation reach the us after the hydrogen bomb in ww11?

There were no hydrogen bombs (fusion bombs) detonated during WWII.

Did the us know about radiation when they the dropped the bombs on japan?

The US did know about radiation when they dropped the bombs on japan it was a risk they were willing to take to save ournation from going into war with them. hope this helped you.

What is a nuclear buildup?

Making more bombs or bigger bombs.

Why do nuclear bombs cause mass destruction?

because of the force and radiation

How many people died from radiation sickness from the atomic bombs?

about 65,000

Would radiation harm the people testing underwater bombs?

Radiation will always harm people no matter where they are, as it causes cancer.