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Q: How long after Lincoln's election did South Carolina secede from the Union?
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Why did South Carolina wanted to secede after the election of 1860?


What happended after lincolns election?

As soon as the result was in, South Carolina seceded from the United States.

Did South Carolina secede when Lincoln was president?

No. South Carolina seceded on December 20th, 1860, before Lincoln was officially sworn in as President. However, the state did secede as a reaction to Lincoln's election.

What did Lincoln's election ultimately force the Southerners states starting with South Carolina to do?

Secede from the USA, one by one, starting with South Carolina.

When did South Carolina secede?

DecemberDecember 20, 1860 (following the election of Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency).

Which of the following was an immediate response to Lincoln's election in 1860?

South Carolina voted to secede from the Union.

What happened four days after Lincolns election?

Four days after Lincoln's election, South Carolina called for a special convention to consider secession.

What issue almost cause South Carolina to secede from the union?

Tariffs on imports, which the South needed, having so little industry. Later, South Carolina became the first state to secede, following Lincoln's election on a ticket of no new slave-states.

How did Lincoln's election affect South Carolina and other slave states?

It caused the south to secede in order to keep their slavery alive .

What did South Carolina do after Lincoln was elected in 1860?

As a consequence of Lincoln’s election, a special convention of the South Carolina legislature votes to secede from the Union.

What was the state of secede?

South Carolina

What month and year did the first southern state secede?

The first state to secede from the Union was South Carolina, and it did so on December 20, 1860.