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a Jew in a concentration camp would live no longer than 3 months as they were worked to death with little food and would then be shot so that they could not escape and tell the rest of the world what was happening. they would then be burnt in huge ovens and other Jews would burn them.


It varied. At the extermination camps most Jews were killed as soon as possible after arrival.

For those selected for work, 'no longer than 3 months' is not necessarily correct. Some even survived.

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That depended on the type of camp. In extermination camps the aim was kill prisoners within 24 hours of arrival. These camps (such as Treblinka) were small and were killing 'facilities' and nothing else. In 'ordinary' concentration camps, the time varied enormously.

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they were inslaved then killed seconds after

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about ten hours

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Q: How long did a Jew live before they were killed in concentration camps?
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What was true about Japanese interment?

People were forced to leave their homes and businesses and made to live in concentration camps.

What opportunities did Japanese Americans have during world war 2?

Either live in the Japanese Concentration/Internment camps or fight in Europe.

Where were the jew's sent to during World War 2?

The Jews under German control were first forced to live in special areas of occupied cities, many times these areas were walled off and no food allowed in so the Germans starved them to death. Later, many millions were arrested and sent to cruel and disgusting camps where they were starved, tortured and experimented on.

Where were concentration camps located during world war 2?

Concentration camps were either forced labor camps or death camps. Either way, most inmates were worked until they died. Filthy conditions and minimal food led to many deaths by starvation and disease. In some cases, hideous medical experiments were performed, often to discover better ways to kill prisoners. The people sent to these camps were treated in a totally malicious and inhumane manner. The death camps were part of Hitler's "Final Solution" (genocide of the Jews), although ethnic Polish populations were subject to the same type of methodical exterminations.

What does the Butterfly symbolism mean in the Holocaust?

Children in the concentration camps would use their fingernails and pebbled to etch butterflies into the walls. They said that it was their way of living on and leaving a message of hope for incoming children. They said that they knew that they were going to die but they could live on in their butterflies.

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Are Mental Hospitals the same as Concentration Camps?

No, concentration camps was where the Germans put the Jewish people and killed them, but mental hospitals are where people with mental illness go that can't live in normal society. Comparing them is an insult to all Jewish people and everyone who loved in the camps.

Did Germans live close to concentration camps?

yes they lived close to the camps

What did the Jewish people live in?

before being moved to concentration camps, they would sometimes be rounded up into ghettos

Where were Jews forced to live in German controlled countries?

ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps

Where did most people live in north Korea?

Concentration camps

How did people live in concentration camps?

however they could, they had no choice.

Where did Elie live before the Germans moved them to concentration camps in Night?

Elie Wiesel lived in Sighet, which is now in Romania but was then in Hungary.

What war has the most live lost?

WW2 from citizens to soldiers to concentration camps

Where did the Jews live before there was concentration camps?

Before the Jewish people were sent into Concentration camps, they were sent to labor camps. After they did not want to use them in the labor camps any longer, then sent them to the Concentration Camps.

How did they get Jews to go to the concentration camps?

In the early Years, they were sent to the Concentration Camps by train in cattle carts which were originally used to transporting dead and live cows to the slaghter houses and farms.

What happend to European Jews in the early years of the war?

They were forced to live in Ghettos and concentration camps

What motivated Jews in concentration camps who survived to live from day to day?

Just pure determination.