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if you worked at it all day you could make it in a day but if not just doing little buts at a time it may take you a week or more thanks

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okay thanks
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Until the second air raid siren has sounded. On the first one everyone must get into their shelter and then on the second, it is safe to leave .

I hope this helps :)

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3 days

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Q: How long did the people stay in their Anderson shelter?
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What was the maximum number of people who could stay in an Anderson shelter?

Anderson shelters were made to accomodate 6 people.

What was it like to stay in a Anderson shelter?

cosy and warm

What would people do after they got out of an Anderson shelter?

they either went to work or went back to there house if there house was not there they went to live with friends or family or they would just stay in there

How long can homeless people stay in a shelter?

I am in a shelter right now here today and I've been in this shelter for a year since July of 2011. Homeless people stay in shelter until they find houses and that could take months to a year. Once I've been in a shelter for 2 years almost 3. Hope that helped!

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im 18 and i need a place to stay i live in the Lafayette area where can i go

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The basics: air water, and food. Also: clothing and shelter.

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In "The Road," the characters choose not to stay in the shelter because it is exposed and vulnerable, making it unsafe in the long term. They instead opt to keep moving to avoid being easy targets for potential threats or dangers. The shelter does not provide enough security and resources for long-term survival in the post-apocalyptic world depicted in the novel.

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What were two types of air raid shelters called?

They were shelters either underground or in your house or outside in your front or back garden. They were mostly made out of corrugated metal or iron for the roofs and usually metal for the walls and there were wooden stools/ seats/ bench's etc.. . and if a air raid went off they would probably stay in for a few hours.

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Higgins suspects that Eliza will stay in the gutter for a couple of months before giving up and seeking shelter elsewhere.