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thats a load of rubbish it was six months at a time you lot know nothing about ww1

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The WW2 trenches ranged from 50 feet to about 500 feet long.

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Q: How long did the soldiers spend in the trenches for?
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Where did world war 1 soldiers spend most of their time?

In WW I the soldiers spent most of their time in trenches. It was very muddy.

What are trenches in the war?

Trenches were long, narrow holes in the ground used to shelter soldiers in between the battles. These trenches were full of lice, rats and mud.

What is a long hole dug into the ground where soldiers hide?

Trenches or bunkers

How much did trenches protect soldiers?

The soldiers would hide in the trenches and fire at the enemy.

What was a typical day for soldiers in trenches?

the typical day for the soldiers was when they had to stay in their trenches because it was snowing and it was freezing outside

How did they keep cool in the trenches?

During war , soldiers dig long trenches to hide from the enemy's attack. Trenches are dug in mud hence keep the trench cold and makes the survival easy for the soldier.

Why did the soldiers live in the trenches?

Because the deep trenches protected them from bullets and shell fragments that were fired at the soldiers and so that the soldiers could be be seen (as targets).

Who dug the trenches in World War 1?

The soldiers themselves dug out the trenches.

Why were solders in the trenches?

It was a 'chicken and egg' situation. One side's soldiers were in the trenches to stop the other side's soldiers in their trenches from getting any advantage,.

Did they have a wash in the trenches?

No. The soldiers did not bathe unless it rained and they bent to the bathroom in the trenches.

What were the conditions for soldiers in the trenches?


Ditches from which soldiers fought?